Food Standards Agency – this site provides vital information on all matters relating to food and in particular food safety

Seafood Scotland

The Organisation portal for matters relating to the seafood industry.

Peterhead Port Authority

Manages the port of Peterhead; includes information about services and facilities, location details, news and a history.

Fraserburgh Harbour

Manages the market in Fraserburgh

Marine Management Organisation

The UK department for all food related topics this includes extensive sub-sites for fisheries.

DG Mare

The EU site for the Directorate of European Fisheries, if you want to know anything about EU fishery policy this is the site.

Seafood Information Network

It’s a free, exciting and innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ designed to benefit everyone working in, or with the seafood industry.

Caley Fisheries

Caley’s comprehensive services include fishing vessel management and supply, investment in fishing vessels, marine superintendence, fish landiand autioneering, procurement of fish including, whitefish, pelagic fish,shellfish and fish from deeper waters.

Met Office

Latest Weather forecast for the shipping world.

BBC Shipping Forecast

The BBC’s shipping forecast for another check point.

Budding Rose

Aberdeen Fish Producers Organisation

The Aberdeen Fish Producer’s Organisation (AFPO) was set up on the 10th October 1973 and as such is the oldest Producer Organisation in Scotland. The AFPO have provided a range of services to Scotlands fishermen ever since. Our speciality is in the area of quota management, representation and marketing for our fishermen and their produce. We currently have 20 member vessels from Fife to Buckie and focus predominantly on whitefish species with some Nephrops landings. The main grounds our vessels fish are in the North Sea with some activity on the seas to the West of Scotland. The annual value of the catch by member vessels is around £10 million pounds. The vessels in membership are mainly of the pair seine and twin rig type. These vessels range in size from 9m to 45m. AFPO sits on the board of Seafood Scotland and also chairs the Scottish Association of Fish Producers Organisations, and has input into many other bodies both nationally and locally.